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Over the past years I have continually analyzed the education system in America. I have worked in the education arena at all levels from primary to higher education. This experience has been valuable to make logical common sense opinions about where we have been and where we are going.  This blog is more about where we are at and where we need to go in the future of education. There is no level that would not be untouched by the necessary changes in our education model today.

When I think of the first year I officially was a teacher in a high school classroom compared to the new high school teacher today with an abundance of changes in the opportunity to have access to information. Much has been said about the “Net Generation” in Don Tapscott’s book “Growing Up Digital”. His approach to our students ages 11 to 32 gives us hope with their intelligence and ingenuity to both obtain and use information through the interactive and social media. It is a closer look at the student today that has available the tools of “You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Texting and Blogging”which will change the way we design our instruction in the classroom. Journalist had the market on information sharing and delivery. Today with Twitter and You Tube it has completely changed the opportunity for our world population to see and hear the news and look at all aspects of the topics of interest.

Fredrick M. Hess recently authored a book titled “Education Unbound”. Mr. Hess also approaches my colleagues¬†and myself with a challenge to take a good look at our delivery and methods of teaching all levels of our learning community. Fredrick Hess (better known as Rick) presents scenarios which are a basis for re-engineering our instructional model. At the very least the book makes us take a look at the very structure we are practicing today and asking why we are still redundantly continuing the same methodology. Over 200 years of education philosophy in America has not changed much in the structure of offering and delivery. The model has been unchecked or changed in many years.

From my point of view this is the most exciting times of and educators life. We are in the pinnacle of change in the future to prescribe a new education philosophy. It will not be an easy change with the cultural differences required. In the end it will be a good beginning to look at ourselves today. K-12 systems will need to look at such areas of school year length, competency based outcomes vs grading, graduation requirements, student assessment, faculty performance assessment, student success measurements, student retention and career based outcomes.

I have set the stage for more to come with the exciting times of our education home in America. My next blog will be about my experience with the high school structure and methods of delivery and teaching in the classroom. “Lets talk about old and out of date”

We will have this moment of discussion weekly. Looking forward to starting class on time with all of you present through the week.

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